Batik Classic Soemihardjo

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This batik fabric can make you special, comfortable to wear and confident.

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Brand: Batik Soemihardjo

Quality: Batik Fabric 100% good quality

Material: Primissima or 100% cotton

Length: 2.5m

Width: 1.05m


By The Way, what kind of Batik fabric will you get?

1. Quality fabrics with batik motives.

2. Motive batik with detailed images.

3. The production of batik is made through the process of drawing, batik process, dyeing and coloring by experienced people so as to produce quality fabrics is our specialization.

4. Does not fade. The cloth will not fade if washed. Do not wash with another cloth that wears off which can cause this batik cloth to fade away.

5. Have a high value. Batik is made for anyone that is worth keeping.

6. Can be used for formal or informal cloth. Our batik cloth can be used as clothes or formal clothes or other purposes.

7. Warranty. You get it according to the picture.


International Price: USD $165

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